Video Services

Video services are what our foundation was built on

When we started Rough Glaze Media our main service was VIDEO. We interviewed local talent in the Omaha and surrounding areas. In our time we managed to interview some popular industry names adding a great amount of videos to our catalog.

Videos services we now offer are:

-VHS to Digital

-Interview Videos

-Unboxing Videos

-Business Commercial Videos

and more. Send us a message to learn more!



Producing video content can be very complex and we want to insure to you that we have a creative eye when it comes to capturing the perfect shot. Our production skills are catered to your needs within each and every project. Click the link below to view our portfolio.

Post Production

Using the Adobe Suite (After Effects, Illustrator, Lightroom, Media Encoder, Premiere Pro, Photoshop) we are able to create many graphics for projects and incorporate a team effort while editing. Countless screen hours can take place while editing and are a very intense part of your video project. Some of our clients need the video created, edited and more. While others contact us only for edits as well.


Search Engine Optimization is important in many facets of branding but especially those that are the face of your company. We pride ourselves in outstanding SEO keyword implementation as well as meta descriptions to help your viewers/fans find you quicker than ever.

Content Management

When it comes to posting your content while trying to finding the right times and demographics to use we can help with that. Don't spend hours trying to figure out why or what things you are doing wrong, just have the professionals help you!