Social Media Marketing

Types of SMM Services

Social Media Marketing and Management can be a time-consuming job which is why we are here to help those in need.


Social Media Marketing is essential for many businesses and strategy planning plays a big role. Within strategy planning we will discuss everything that needs to be done and hope to acheive with social media. This will help us better guide you in the right direction for every post, reply and like!


The steps in your research will go as follows:

-Identifying Competitors

-Gathering Data

-Analyzing Competitors’ Activity

-Analyze Website Content

-Working With The Data

This will help us decide what is working, what is not working and what we can do better.


This process seems as if it would explain itself but creating the best content is crucial. Content creation will start with the topic, deciding how it should be delivered, what strategy’s should be involved while creating and then producing it to the world.


When producing or publishing your content it’s not as simple as just hitting publish and bam it’s there! The thought process we go through will have you double check and analyze your content one last time to ensure the title is correct, ALT text on images are created, grammar is correct and posting to the right audience. One of the best parts about publishing your content is scheduling. We have the ability to schedule multiple posts over a period of time in order to grab more content for future posts.


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