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Omaha Branding Agency

Branding is more than just a Logo.

We do our best to make sure that our clients’ are branded the way they feel they should.

Goal Planning

During the goal planning and personality learning process you will be asked a series of questions. These questions will start the goal planning process of what to create and exatly what features are needed to create.


After setting goals to complete the branding process, market research will start. Research will include information about the specific market and competitors. This data can help create a unique logo and build exquisite brand identity.

Logo Design

A logo is not the whole brand but is a part of the branding process. These steps below are part of our Logo Design process:

Visual Representation

While completing the Logo Design process and and getting to a good point in the branding process, visual representation is important. This can include a mascot type representation of the brand, typography, fonts and much more detail to add to the brand.

Developing Style

When developing the style there are various products that can become part of a branded item for the company, organization and/or brand. These materials include business cards, correspondence, banners, apparel and many other things can act as a representation.

A Guide To Your Brand

Lastly providing a style guide to our clients to ensure the proper use of the brand is done. Explanation of the logo and a presentation of the color palette that can be used for many purposes. This will be a good representation of the visual and final product of the company and/or brand.

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