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Just recently we spoke with an Omaha Native band Bazile Mills. Although we we’re supposed to be at the show we had a minor conflict but still were able to grab some interview questions with the band:

1.What genre do you think your sound leans more toward?

Good question. Because there are three songwriters and the band as a whole is influenced so differently, it is interesting what comes out. We have been labeled among other things, “Americana,” “Alt-Indie,” “Alt-Country,” but I like to call us a rock band. Maybe a rock-indie band. Something like the Rolling Stones you could say? What would you label them? Or Fleetwood Mac? I like that we are free of restraints. It’s a good feeling in our older years to be able to write without the that worry. I just don’t know if that is a circumstance of the times or our own personal development or both.

2.How did Bazile Mills come about and what is Bazile Mills?

I (Dave) was sick. When I came around in 2014, I promised myself I would bring together my musical friends into something of a project and get back to playing music. I was coming off getting my MFA in Writing and was meeting a writer friend at Jerry’s bar when I ran into MarQ Manner. He asked if I was still doing music and that he was putting on a singer-songwriter gig at the Library Pub. He said He needed someone to play with Dereck Higgins in a couple months. Well, I put together a few friends and we had a great night. MarQ and Marc L. over at Waiting Room offered us a night. Hence, we needed a band name and fast. I had just traveled on a little Steinbeck trip ala, Travels with Charley, and had been through the town of Bazile Mills. A sometimes listed ghost town north by Creighton Nebraska. I offered this to the group and we ran with it. The idea of a village as well as the past and present coming together really resonated with the group.

3.How long would you say you’ve been playing together?

The lead guitarist, Tim Rozmajzl, and I have been playing since we were eighteen, so thirty years. Dave Siebels, the drummer, started playing with Tim and I shortly after. Laura and I have been playing as a duet since the late nineties. She plays keys and guitar and ukulele and sings. I taught Dan Stein (our slide guitar player) how to play is his first guitar chords when he was sixteen and that was twenty years ago. (He now says he teaches everyone else and to some respect that is true.) Sam came over to a party and we started singing drunkenly and in which subsequently, I invited him to play with Laura and I. That was the beginning of this incarnation of Bazile Mills in 2014. Scott Hedrick, formerly of Turtle Moon, joined us last year as the bass player. We also have other musicians who join us live or on our recordings such as violists, trumpet players, and mandolin players, strengthening the Bazile Mills “village” or “town” concept.

4.Have you guys played many festivals around the area?

We played Lincoln Calling last year. We actually had two stellar musicians fill in for us. Long-time Omaha greats Phil Reno and Eric Ebers. It was a fun show. We are playing a festival September 15th called Continental Drift in Fremont.

5.Where can the people find your music and links if they want to hear more?

So, we are on all the download spots. Our first EP, Burnt Red Sun, is on Itunes and CDBaby. Our second, Where We Are, is on Vinyl thanks to Widmest Productions, and can be purchased through our website or downloaded or streamed anywhere. We are also on and at

6.When are you guys planning on releasing some more new songs?

 We have a slate of songs that are ready to be recorded. It’s a matter of getting our asses in to do it. We are going to do so any time now. We are conceptualizing something different than a cd or album. People aren’t buying them anymore. It’s all singles. So how do you package that? Something different maybe. (Alas, it will probably be a digital album).

Thank you so much to them for all of the words and we can’t wait to see you guys play!

Music Reviews

“What makes you air riff right off the bat, makes you METAL!”


The instant heavy metal sound that this track gives you definitely makes you feel like you are in a highspeed chase on GTA or Need for Speed. Nothing really sounds off key although I did get a reference back to System of a Down in the voice and style (which by the way is not a bad thing at all) the sound is superb. When you hit about 2:20 is when you really feel the METAL. That low down screech is exactly what I was waiting for when I thought of metal. For us not covering much metal with RGMedia (RGTVOmaha), this has surely brightened our sense of the local scene and their talents within all genres. Witherfang I hope there is more to come because the talent shows, and I feel like in this time the world needs a break and some relief from some of the garbage music that has been put out there. Overall, I grade this B+. Now, when is the live performance of this track?!

Phil Otero July 4th, 2018

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