Rough Glaze Media

In the Beginning


Rough Glaze Media (Formerly “Only” Rough Glaze Television) started out as a kid with a dream. Phillip Otero has always been a loud big part of any where that he goes. With his friends being just as loud and goofy he decided that he wanted to document some of their funny talks and escapades. From there he sent out for his first video recording device which was called a Bloggie.

Without any experience it all started with nights out to well known omaha club REHAB LOUNGE.

This went on for a few weeks and being that one of his best friends Jon Hardin was in the music industry, the next thought was to market this to that crowd.

As time went on Phil learned how to edit, direct, and produce his videos on a bigger level. As you can tell the former name was RGTVOmaha and that is still in tact for the video sides of RGMedia because newly added was graphic and web design.

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